Dear Users,

We have some bad news.

Most of Noflag services are currently down as of 15th November 2017

Our services have stopped running due to a hardware failure on the servers that host our main services.

We do not currently know the full extent of the damage but we have potentially lost a lot of data.

We have been told that it might take about a week (as of 19th November) before we find out how much data has been lost.

We are aware that this has seriously effected our ability to host the majority of our websites, mailing lists and email accounts. However, it is possible that we will be able to recover this data and continue to provide services.

Not all of our services were located on this host. As of Sunday 19th November, here is an incomplete list of services which were not effected:

When will services be back up?

This incident, and the scale of the task to recover from this incident, has forced our team at Noflag to consider whether we can continue as an organisation and even continue to provide services again.

The team at Noflag is currently very small and, for a while, we have been struggling to maintain the upkeep of our services as it is.

Our main priority for now, will to be ensure that can we can get as much data back as possible and to provide users access to this data.  

In addition to this, we can work with our community to help with migrating their data to others hosting providers.

While the permanent status of any of our services is still currently uncertain, we will be looking to, at least, run a temporary mail service for accounts on a request basis.   When this service is set up we can also, alternatively, set up email addresses to forward to a different email address as a temporary measure.

How do I get In touch?

For now, to contact our team you can email us at noflag (at) riseup (dot) net

We'd like to thank all of our users and community for their incredible support over the last decade. You mean the world to us and we can only hope that the service we provide has been useful.

You can live chat to the Noflag team. Click here or use the Public Helpdesk channel on Riot.